Make Your Business Content Work

You’ve done all the audience and keyword research and optimized your content – now, how do you make sure your website content is doing all it can to help promote your business? Make sure it’s easy to site visitors to share by adding Share buttons on your content pages.  A shared link a from colleague or friends is more trusted and valued, and more likely to be clicked on. According to Facebook and Pingdom, over 30 billion pieces of content…

Seize the Power! Meet Zeus CMS

Meet Zeus, the new content management system from CDG Interactive. Its simple, user-friendly interface makes it easy to add or remove content, modify navigation, upload files, format copy, and more.

How Do You Write for Mobile Devices?

What’s the best way to write mobile content? Here are a few thoughts about tackling this tricky new medium.

Tortoise vs. Hare: Content Strategy Competition

It’s definitely fun when a blog post or other piece of content catches on and starts getting passed around. People comment on it, re-tweet the link, share it on Facebook and your traffic spikes.  “I’m popular!” you think. “People like me!” Is that really the most effective strategy? Sure, if you can do it all the time. Otherwise, you should look at your traffic patterns over time and analyze which is really your most popular content.  Here at the Innate Blog,…

How To Avoid Email Content Déjà Vu

If you’re marketing to email lists with similar audiences, follow these tips to avoid sending the same message to the same people twice.

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