It’s an Ad, Silly

I was reminded last  week that when I think I’m being repetitive — I’m often just getting through.  For so long SEO was devoid of any marketing theory that I guess I can’t remind people often enough that titles and meta descriptions are really tiny ads.  This morning SEOmoz had a great article on meta descriptions, and so I decided if they are saying it again, it’s still must need saying.

Turn Competitors into Collaborators

There are more and more companies that are turning potential competitors into collaborators.  I’m not talking about huge multi-national companies that take over some small company and call it a merger.  I’m really talking about a growing trend in business.   It’s part of the whole “Web 2.0” movement, which pretty much assumes that 100 minds are better than 1 person’s humble opinion. That’s really what Web 2.0 is about — conversation, but that’s a discussion for another time.


Revive Glaceau Vitamin Water, my new favorite beverage, (even surpassing my lasting fallback, Gatorade Ice Strawberry, and the dieting college student’s favorite gulp, Grape Propel Fitness Water) was introduced to me last night by my housemate who swears by it. We were out with some friends enjoying a nice Italian dinner, complete with a bottle of wine, when I brought up the fact that by drinking that second glass of wine, I would inevitably wake up with a pounding headache,…


Check us out! The folks at BrainJams mentioned us and our client, the Hotel Maison de Ville, in a post about the New Orleans BrainJams which a couple of the CDG team attended. We had a great time and learned a lot from everyone there. We’re pretty happy that the feeling seems to be mutual. We love seeing the new photos from Maison de Ville, and Carly posted some of her own pictures that she took when she stayed there…

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