Experience + Creativity = Innovation

Here are a few of CDG Interactive’s methods for combining experience and creativity to generate innovation in interactive design.

Getting Away to Do Good

When Conde Nast is writing about Ritz-Carlton Hotels offering Give-Back Getaways, then voluntourism has become a bona fide trend. It may be an outgrowth of the president’s initiative for community service – United We Serve  or it may just be a general trend toward altruism combined with some really great travel deals. Either way, I’m all for it. The Ritz Carlton program includes opportunities to assist with the greening of Beijing by planting trees, participate in a music therapy session…

A Tale of Two Corporate Cultures

I followed two separate links on Twitter in the past week and found two radically different stories about customer service and corporate culture. The first story tells of a young woman who has been working with the One Home Many Hopes charity supporting orphaned girls in Kenya. As she was preparing to go to Kenya to deliver clothes for the girls, she realized she’d be radically exceeding the baggage limits for the flight. Considering the purpose of her trip, she…

Rules of Engagement, Social Media Style

Groundwork must be laid for any successful engagement online, and social media is no exception. One of the first things any company or organization must develop (and it can be argued that this benefits individuals as well) is structure for that engagement. Rules, in fact.

Super Bowl, Super Ads?

Quite often the “big game” is a blow-out where the commercials turn into the highlight of the show. Not so this year – high drama on the field kept even the casual football watcher on the edge of their seats (and gave dedicated fans a blood pressure check more than once). But even still, everyone is abuzz over the commercials – were there any big hits, expensive misses? Or were the commercials the snoozefest that couldn’t keep up with the…

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