Writing an RFP for Results

Imagine you’re a public relations professional in search of a job. You’re clicking through Craigslist when you see this ad: “PR manager sought to execute association media campaign. Duties will include: contacting at least 7 radio stations per week (between 10 am and noon); purchasing banner ads on sites selected by PR director; launching a print ad campaign with the tagline “Building a Better Future”; pitching stories to the press (scripts will be provided). . . . . and other…

How to Start a Company Blog: Who Writes and How Often

So you’ve identified your blog’s goal, and an overall editorial calendar for post topics. Now it’s time for the “who,” the “how often”–and even the “how.”

What Madonna Can Teach You about Web Strategy

Yesterday, the office radio was tuned to the 80s station and I had a wave of nostalgia for junior high, legwarmers, and Atari. (Cue grumpy old lady voice: “In my day, there was no such THING as a Wii!”) Inevitably, the playlist cycled around to two of the 80s’ most iconic ladies: Madonna and Cyndi Lauper. These two had a lot in common back in the day. Both were white-hot; both launched influential, if tragic, fashion trends; and both were…

How (And Why) To Start a Company Blog

Our new five-part series will walk you through the how-to — and why — of starting a company blog.

Can They Really Say That About My Hotel?

It’s a hotel’s worst nightmare: an unhappy guest has complained about the property online and now their review is popping up in Google search results. What is a manager or director of sales to do?
At CDG Interactive, we help our hotel clients manage their reputations online. Based on our experience, we’ve drawn up 3 Tips for Managing Your Hotel’s Reputation Online.

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