What Branding Has to Do with PR and Reputation Management

Netflix’s latest PR debacle teaches some valuable lessons on the relationship between your company’s brand and its reputation.

5 Ways Hiring a Creative Agency is Like Online Dating

The experience (and pitfalls) of online dating can teach you a better way to hire a creative agency.

Lady Gaga: Marketing to a Core Audience

Lady Gaga is a master of marketing techniques to build her fan base, maintain their loyalty and keep them coming back for more. You can learn them, too.

Should I Fire My PPC Agency?

I’ve been seeing more and more of these articles and posts on other blogs lately: Should I fire my PPC agency? Should I fire my interactive marketing agency? With the proliferation of tools like Google Analytics, Google Alerts, and Google Insights for Search providing information for free (and to everyone) that used to be only available to a select few who were willing to pay dearly for the privilege, it’s tempting to think you don’t need those services anymore. After all, you now have access to same data. And…

3 Lessons the Old Spice Guy Taught Us About Marketing

The witty, personalized video campaign Old Spice launched on social media channels generated a lot of buzz–and taught us 3 lessons about marketing.

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