Entrepreneur Interview: Alex Alevras of GRK

When you think about fast food, “fresh” isn’t a term that typically jumps to mind. At least, not here in the U.S. In Greece, it’s a different story. That’s what drove Alex Alevras and his business partner and company founder, George Nikas, to open GRK, a fast-casual Greek restaurant, first in New York City and now in Washington, D.C. Alevras, the D.C. managing director, agreed to let me drill him with questions about his background as an entrepreneur and what…

How to Use Video to Drive Mobile Traffic

Did you know that 92% of videos viewed on a mobile device are shared? If you’re not creating good, sharable video content, you could be missing out on a big opportunity. Find out how to develop great video content on any budget.

Ellen DeGeneres sitting on the set of "Ellen"

What JCPenney Can Teach You About Brand, Audience and Community

Not long after JCPenney launched a brand transformation, it was given the opportunity to live up to its new brand promise of “fair and square.” Here’s how.

Breast cancer awareness bracelets

A Different Spin on the Komen Debacle: The Power of Rapid Response

Over the past week, there’s been a lot of digital ink spilled over Susan G. Komen for the Cure’s decision to pull funding from Planned Parenthood, and its swift about face. Taking the politics out of the situation, Komen has provided a textbook example of how to severely — and possibly irrevocably — damage your brand. Its bungling of the original announcement, its initial silence (while Planned Parenthood went on a PR/social media offensive), its feeble attempt to re-frame its…

Taylor Swift singing

Breaking Up Is Never Easy, But It Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Has the time come to move from one creative agency to another? Here are tips to make the transition as painless as possible–for everyone.

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