Case Study: Using Keyword Analytics to Optimize Blog Post Content

Old blog content is just as valuable as new content at driving repeat visitors from organic search, so it’s important to regularly optimize top posts to improve their performance as landing pages.

Content Strategy for the Web Book Review

We’re kicking off 2010 by starting the CDG Book Club. Every month or so, we’ll be reading a book about the web industry and posting our raves, rants, and other unsolicited opinions.

First of All, You’re Wrong

Using Google Analytics to ask the right questions In a recent conversation, one of our clients asked for more research on why their bounce rate has gone up in the past year. Their traffic has quadrupled and while their bounce rate has grown at a significantly slower pace, they still wanted to know if there was any specific cause. It was a reasonable question, and I set off into Google Analytics to find some answers. The first thing I noticed…

Measuring the Value of Web Advertising – Beyond CTR

Ever wonder who exactly is clicking on your online display or banner ads? According to a new comScore study, it’s likely one of a core group of people as the study found that 8% of Internet users account for 85% of all clicks, and 84% of Internet users never click on a banner ad. Does this mean banner advertising is a waste of money? Not at all – it means that evaluating web advertising may not really all that different…

6 Surprising Facts About the Growing Hispanic Audience You Probably Didn’t Know

When this week’s Ad Age arrived at the office, I was excited to see the new Hispanic Fact Pack. Now, advertising supplements aren’t usually a highlight, but last year’s is still sitting prominently on my desk – tabbed, underlined, and referenced more than any other printed piece I received all year. I’ve used it as a tool in audience research for a startup company, to make social media recommendations to a Fortune Global 50, and for competitive research for a…

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