Why Businesses Should Pay Attention to Klout Scores

Here are 3 reasons businesses and organizations should pay attention to social media influence aggregator Klout’s scores.

Geocaching Taught Me To Visualize Information

One of the most important goals of interaction design is helping users visualize information. CDG user interface developer Ivan Wilson shares how geocaching taught him about information visualization.

How to Verify Customer Intent with Split-Testing

What your customers say they want and what they actually do is often different. Here’s one easy way to verify their intent with testing.

A Modest Proposal: Measuring User Engagement on Your Site

In our ongoing series about how to measuring your website’s success, we’ve already talked about informational sites (where content is the draw), and ecommerce sites (which entice people to spend mucho dinero). But what if you want your site to foster a deeper connection between your organization and your target audience? We call this an “engagement-based” model. Non-profit organizations and member associations often fall into this category. If you have an engagement-based site, you’re not necessarily selling anything, but you…

Track Ecommerce Web Conversions Beyond $

Although ecommerce goals are typically straightforward–sales and revenue–here are some other ways to track conversions on an ecommerce website, from repeat purchase rates to shopping cart abandonments to contribution by marketing channels.

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