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Facebook Privacy Changes 2011

Facebook’s August 25 changes to privacy provide more granular control over some settings, but also opens up photo tagging to anyone.

What We’re Reading – August 19

Twitter by the numbers We always love Twitter infographics. These numbers are particularly interestesting as they highlight the rapid growth of Twitter, particularly internationally. 70% of accounts are now based outside the United States. Venues vs events There are times when why you’re at a place ia more important than where you are. Concerts and sporting events often fall into that category. Is it so important that you’re at the Verizon Center or the Patriot Center or that you’re at…

Sometimes Telling is Better

Freedom of choice isn’t always the best option. Here’s why your clients really want your strategic guidance.

What We’re Reading – August 12

Social media for good As we saw in Vancouver both citizens and authorities in London are using social media to coordinate post-riot efforts. Citizens are coordinating clean up efforts on Facebook and Twitter, while authorities are using CCTV, YouTube and Flickr to identify looters. URL removal made easy A few weeks ago, we mentioned that Google simplied the URL removal process through Webmaster Tools. The downside of that simplicity means it’s really easy to remove URLs through Webmaster tools as at…

Time to Update Your LinkedIn & FB Privacy Settings

Once again, two big social media platforms left customers scrambling to fix their privacy settings. Here’s how to update LinkedIn and Facebook.

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