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The Revolution Will Be Televised (and Twittered)

In 1970, Gill Scott-Heron  famously said, “The revolution will not be televised.” But we learned twenty years ago this month, when CNN broadcast from Tiananmen Square, the revolution would indeed be televised and provide iconic images that would resonate for years. In the past, powerful technologies were often to be feared (and depending on who’s using them and how they’re being implemented, caution is often necessary). George Orwell’s 1984 had Big Brother with pervasive government surveillance and control. But now,…

A Tale of Two Corporate Cultures

I followed two separate links on Twitter in the past week and found two radically different stories about customer service and corporate culture. The first story tells of a young woman who has been working with the One Home Many Hopes charity supporting orphaned girls in Kenya. As she was preparing to go to Kenya to deliver clothes for the girls, she realized she’d be radically exceeding the baggage limits for the flight. Considering the purpose of her trip, she…

Facebook Ad Campaigns in 5 Easy Steps

Promote your business or organization’s Facebook page with a targeted ad campaign. Here’s how to get started in 5 easy steps.

10 Tips for Promoting Your Facebook Page

In part one, I talked about the new Facebook Pages for business – what’s changed and how to create and personalize a page. So you have your shiny new page and it’s not like Field of Dreams – you’ve built it and they’re not coming. How do you promote what you have? Don’t Forget the Obvious As Avinash Kaushik wisely said, “Why do otherwise intelligent people ignore the low hanging fruit and want to eat the whole tree first?” While…

Promoting Your Business on Facebook

There are several ways to promote your business – whether that’s a personal project, a band or a major brand on Facebook. One of the easiest is to create a page – similar to a personal profile – dedicated to your business.

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