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Innate’s Quick Social Media Marketing Guide

There are certain elements of social media that are vital to understand if you’re going to be posting — tweeting, sharing, linking or otherwise — for a business. These are the elements that will guide you in making strong marketing decisions for your target audience on each site. To help guide you in creating a strategy and starting your own outreach for your company or client, we’ve put together a quick list of each of the biggest social media platforms, what they’re…

Entrepreneur Interview: Alex Alevras of GRK

When you think about fast food, “fresh” isn’t a term that typically jumps to mind. At least, not here in the U.S. In Greece, it’s a different story. That’s what drove Alex Alevras and his business partner and company founder, George Nikas, to open GRK, a fast-casual Greek restaurant, first in New York City and now in Washington, D.C. Alevras, the D.C. managing director, agreed to let me drill him with questions about his background as an entrepreneur and what…

Super Bowl ’08 Anticipation

Some people anxiously await the eve of Super Bowl Sunday for the glory of the game, the thrilling competition, the astounding athleticism of the players, the stunning flexibility of the cheerleaders, or even the spicy buffalo wings and seven-layer dip assuredly perched on the table near the plasma TV. I – like most Americans who enjoy a good competition of the greatest players in their sport – enjoy the Super Bowl…but for a slightly different reason. The commercials are what…

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