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Jennifer Hoppe

Yes, Your Grandma’s on Facebook. What Now?

More and more Americans over 50 are using social media. Should your business be doing more to reach out to an older audience on social media?

Traffic’s Down but Sales are Up: Why Effective SEO Doesn’t Always Equal More Visits

Believe it or not, effective SEO doesn’t always lead to a spike in site traffic. Here’s why that can be a good thing.

Initial Design Team Brainstorm for our Next iAd

The CDG team has begun the process of developing our fifth iAd. Take a peek at our first brainstorming session.

Optimizing Your Website Copy for Search Results: One Page at a Time

The rules for optimizing web copy change all the time, but here are some time-honored best practices to make sure your website is well-optimized for SEO.

Why Do You Want to be on Pinterest, Anyway?

Figure out whether you need a Pinterest account for your business. (Hint: it all comes down to content!)

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