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Responsive Web Design

The Art of Responsive Design

Over the past few years, many of you have heard of the term responsive design. Basically, it’s an approach where we build web apps and websites to be usable across a wide range of devices, from mobile phones to laptops. But instead of tricks, techniques, and more code (there are plenty of basic responsive design tutorial out there), I want to go in a different direction. Instead of asking ’how do we do this?’, I want to ask ’why do…

Geocaching Taught Me To Visualize Information

One of the most important goals of interaction design is helping users visualize information. CDG user interface developer Ivan Wilson shares how geocaching taught him about information visualization.

HTML5 for Web Designers Book Review

Worried and befuddled by HTML5? CDG Developer Ivan Wilson reviews a book that can help you get a handle on it.

Search Patterns Book Review

Ivan Wilson reviews the new book Search Patterns by Peter Morville & Jeffery Callender

What One UI Developer Learned at the Opera

UI Developer Ivan Wilson finds inspiration and insight about UI design at a performance by the Metropolitan Opera

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