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Heidi Strom Moon

The Facebook for Business Starter Kit: 7 Things You Need to Know

Grow–or create–your company’s presence on Facebook with our 7-step Facebook for Business Starter Kit.

What Politicians Can Teach You About Marketing

Campaigning and marketing are a lot alike. Here are 4 things politicians can teach you about marketing (and it’s not just about Twitter).

What Branding Has to Do with PR and Reputation Management

Netflix’s latest PR debacle teaches some valuable lessons on the relationship between your company’s brand and its reputation.

What You Need to Know About Google Analytics’ Change to Visit Calculations

What your business needs to know about the change to the way Google Analytics calculates visits–and its impact on your site metrics.

Who’s Scanning Your QR Codes?

There are seemingly as many ways to use QR codes as there are demographic groups using them. Use data to understand your audience’s mobile interaction.

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