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Heidi Strom Moon

2014 production of the Cole Porter musical "Kiss Me Kate"

Arts Organizations and Social Media: Collaborators or Competitors?

For arts and culture organizations using social media, particularly in the performing arts, there is often a tension between competition and collaboration.

Social Media Discernment: How to Choose the Right Platforms for Your Business

How do you know which social media platforms to use, and when to add new ones, like Pinterest or Tumblr? You need social media discernment. Here’s how.

Persuasion Starts with Psychology: 3 Techniques to Convince People to Take Action

Your users don’t share your content or interact with you on social media by accident. Here’s how to get your audience to act.

Ellen DeGeneres sitting on the set of "Ellen"

What JCPenney Can Teach You About Brand, Audience and Community

Not long after JCPenney launched a brand transformation, it was given the opportunity to live up to its new brand promise of “fair and square.” Here’s how.

How to Use Pinterest for Marketeting Your Business

Pinterest has skyrocketed in recent months to over 3 million members. Is this new social network right for marketing your brand?

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