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Heidi Strom Moon

Case Study: Recovery From a 98-Point Google Rank Drop After Penguin 2.0

Case study: How we helped a client recover from a 98-point drop in ranking for its most important non-branded keyword after Penguin 2.0.

How to Create Content Strategy in a No-Keyword World

The world of search is changing, from hidden keywords to semantic search. Your content strategy has to keep up. Here’s how.

Sold in 6 Seconds: 7 Ideas for Short Form Videos to Market Your Business on Vine and Instagram

Short form video marketing via Vine and Instagram is an effective method of reaching audiences. Here are 7 ideas for short marketing videos.

What Your Business Needs to Know About Google Authorship for SEO

A new search ranking factor called AuthorRank can affect the SEO of your business blog. Here’s what you need to know about Google Authorship.

Don’t Call Them New Year’s Resolutions: Ideas to Plan By in 2013

Don’t just make New Year’s resolutions for your 2013 digital strategy. Follow our comprehensive advice to improve your site and online marketing this year and every year.

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