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Casey Hawes

Can Design Impact a Team’s Win Percentage?

Being a designer and sports fan (like I am) is a mix of interests that don’t always overlap. However, I often see designers posting their own design takes on a team’s logo, uniform, and overall branding. It got me thinking about REAL rebrands in sports and the possible lasting impacts they might have. More specifically: can design impact a team’s win percentage? The power of a brand I recently read an article about how the Los Angeles Clippers should change…

Designers x Zombie Apocalypse

You know what the zombie apocalypse is all about right? Rotting corpses chasing after you to feast on your living flesh. Your friends and family dying, getting lost, eaten, or turning into zombies before your very eyes. I don’t need to explain this scenario do I? It’s gruesome and depressing but I watch a LOT of The Walking Dead. It’s AMC’s hit show that rivals the NFL’s Sunday Night Football in TV ratings. America loves the dead and so do…

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