Businesses React to Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go: Businesses React – Innate’s Top 5

As we mentioned earlier this week, Pokémon Go almost immediately vexed some businesses with its surprising popularity, leading a few establishments to declare “Pokemon are for paying customers only.” Others have embraced the craze and are using the game to reach out to new audiences.

Here are five of our favorite responses, local to DC and national – they may just help you find a new opportunity:

  1. Pokemon: Symphonic Evolutions (Pokemon music performed by an orchestra) announced new tour dates.
  2. The Marines experienced some issues on the firing range that they shared on Twitter:

    1. The National Park Service will help you catch them all on the National Mall while giving a tour of the monuments.
    2. Teen Vogue offered advice on how to dress like your Pokémon avatar.
    3. Arlington Arts Center offered a 10% discount on a class if you visited their gallery and provided evidence of catching a Pokemon:

Some organizations are striking a more cautionary note. The Holocaust Museum and Arlington National Cemetery posted reminders that catching Pokémon should be done elsewhere. And Fairfax County Government reminds players to avoid trespassing and be aware of their surroundings while playing in parks.

Others are looking ahead to what’s next both from Nintendo and other game makers. Everyone is eager to replicate the success of Pokémon Go.

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