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Click it up a notch – how to be a foodie

Seems like being a foodie is the new thing nowadays, with Instagram accounts full of cupcakes and quinoa taking over our feeds. Even if you don’t run a food porn Insta account, chances are if you’re sitting down at dinner, you’re taking a photo of it. Basically, food is the new and latest form of content marketing, and it does not appear to be going away anytime soon.

While taking pictures of food and adding a ‘valencia’ filter doesn’t seem so difficult, making your dish actually look as appetizing as it tastes is much harder than you think. We’ve all heard about Martha Stewarts attempts at food pics – not again. Here are a few tips for you to take the content marketing game by storm and be the best foodie you can be.

All natural baby

Use natural light, and lots of it. One of the most major food photo criticisms is using overhead lighting. This harsh light will cast a yellow, greasy-spoon look on to your plated dish. Also, whatever you do, do not used an on-camera flash. Instead, set your food near a window and turn off any artificial lights nearby. The indirect light from the window will illuminate your food. To make the most of this natural iridescence, take the photo with the light at your back or to the side of the dish.

Props please

Cooking isn’t a one man show, so don’t try to play it off like one. Props or active photos add interest to the visual composition and content of the image. For instance, if you are styling a completed meal, think about showcasing some of the ingredients or tools used in the background. Boost the dimension of your photo even more with interactive food pics such as showcasing that delectable first mouthful – that is, before you actually start munching. The first bite always tastes the best, you can bet it looks the best too. Don’t hold back, dive in and enjoy – it is all for the sake of the photo right?

Get to know your angles

If this food porn is headed straight for Instagram, then you’re probably taking the photo with your phone. But just because you are using your cell doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put some thought into it. Set up your picture, think about how it will look within the frame and play around with placement. And if this means moving around, then move around. Crouch if you need to, extend your arms, even stand on your chair if you must (except, maybe if you’re in a restaurant).

Blur it up a bit

Think about what you are doing – showcasing either your incredible cooking skills or your superior ability to choose from a menu, no matter which one, your goal is to highlight the food. A popular strategy of the skilled and knowledgeable Instagram food photographers is to selectively focus on one particularly appetizing part of the dish and let the rest blur a bit. Throw around the term ‘Bokeh’ – the artful blur of the background – and your amateur status will instantly vanish.

Do it for the Insta

We all know Instagram is for two things; showing off pics of you and your friends loving life, and taking super artsy photos. Well, being a foodie gives you the best of both worlds. Display your well-fed lifestyle through your creative yet tasteful food photos. Food styling is best done by telling a story, so offer your viewers a glimpse into that life-is-good reality of yours and showcase not just the food, but the context behind the creation. This could mean anything from writing a message in mustard to capturing the messy kitchen behind the masterpiece – whatever your foodie heart desires.

Easy on the filter

Lo-Fi? Earlybird? More saturation? Less shadows? The amount of editing possible on the latest version of Instagram is unbelievable, and unfortunately, despite all your greatest Instagram instincts – the less filtering on food pics, the better. We all know what food should look like, so when colors and tones are altered, the image just looks fake. If you are brave enough, maybe follow the #nofilter trend, but whatever ever you do, just do not, ever use Kelvin.

With foodies taking over the Instagram world, don’t be afraid to hop on the bandwagon but make sure to stand out. This latest content trend is still a marketing tactic, and branding plays a huge part. Keep your style authentic and align with how you want people to view your brand. Now get grammin’.

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