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Global Accessibility Awareness Day: Understanding Concerns in the Travel Industry

Today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day. It’s a day meant to introduce the topic of digital accessibility and the needs of users with disabilities to everyone in the hopes of making their web experience a better one.

Just four years ago, GAAD was a concept proposed by Los Angeles-based web developer, Joe Devon. Frustrated with the lack of information available about web accessibility, he sought to get like-minded developers and others in the digital world together to spread the word.

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This year, Innate is proud to get involved by making a commitment to providing web accessibility services for clients.  Our commitment stems from a belief in fully open and accessible websites made possible by a strong focus on user experience.

A growing number of lawsuits have led private businesses to discover the hard way that they’ve discriminated against the public. Lawsuits and settlements can result in huge losses for even small businesses.

Accessibility is an especially important topic in the global travel industry. Our international and travel-related clients expect us to be able to meet world standards such as WCAG 2.0 and US standards such as Section 508 and the Air Carrier Access Act.

Making your web, software and mobile applications accessible and usable can reduce customer service load and create customer loyalty based on the user’s ability to function without needing to ask for help. It allows users to recover from errors easily and without loss of personal confidence in your site or app. An increasing number of customers, especially in the travel world, are over 50 or disabled in some fashion. These people have the greatest possibility of using Customer Service. If you do some testing and pro-active design and early development with them in mind, their feelings of goodwill and confidence will encourage loyalty and positive word-of-mouth for your organization.

For many companies, digital accessibility seems complex and difficult, but we can guide you through this process and help you avoid risk while gaining the advantages of having your product available and usable for all people.

Have we piqued your interest? I thought so. Please enjoy our free report to help gauge what accessibility mistakes you might be making. Then call us to help!

Devorah Firestone

Accessibility Lead

Devorah is the Lead Accessibility Enthusiast at Innate. She likes to solve problems creatively, hang out with happy people and practice martial arts. She can also occasionally be seen on TV for strange and sordid moments.

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