Innate’s Quick Social Media Marketing Guide

There are certain elements of social media that are vital to understand if you’re going to be posting — tweeting, sharing, linking or otherwise — for a business. These are the elements that will guide you in making strong marketing decisions for your target audience on each site.

To help guide you in creating a strategy and starting your own outreach for your company or client, we’ve put together a quick list of each of the biggest social media platforms, what they’re good for, demographic facts, marketing notes and tips, and overall recommendations for social media engagement.

And, it’s an infographic, so it’s fun, colorful and easy to share!

Click on the image below for a full-sized optimized version of the social media marketing guide. Pin it, print it, post it — just use it!

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And as with all things social media, these details change rapidly. We will update you with new information as it becomes relevant.
[Photo credit: Marina Linderman]

Lisa D'Aromando

Account Executive

Lisa is Innate's Client Marketing Director. She is a loyal William & Mary grad (BBA & MBA) who enjoys everything marketing & entrepreneurship, and (in her free time) running outside, designing jewelry, reading historical fiction novels, and binge watching "The West Wing" with a good glass of Cabernet.

  • Also, good URL’s are really helpful as an aid in sharing articles, especially if a link shortener like is used. Makes it easier to find it again.

  • Well done, Lisa and Marina. A great one-stop resource for social media information.

    In the next infographic, I would love to know the best times to post on different social media platforms!

  • Lisa Crotty

    great point about the balance of messaging vs. interaction. The whole point is to engage with your audience..

  • Lisa Daromando

    Thanks for the comments/feedback! I guess we’ll have to work on v2 soon!

  • Here is a great blog related to this about using more visuals in your social media:

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