Sold in 6 Seconds: 7 Ideas for Short Form Videos to Market Your Business on Vine and Instagram

As a platform for reaching your audience, video is highly effective: by large margins, videos are watched, shared and turn up in search.

And creating videos for use in marketing has gotten easier than ever. With the launch of the Vine mobile app by Twitter and the addition of video to the Facebook-owned app (and site) Instagram, anyone with a cell phone can create very short videos — 6 seconds for Vine, 15 seconds for Instagram — by just pointing and shooting.

Because Vine and Instagram accounts can be connected to other social media platforms, like Twitter and Facebook, videos can be cross-posted, reaching your audience at multiple touch-points. Setting up an account on these services is the easy part, of course: now you have to create video content.

Not sure what to shoot? Here’s a list of ideas for short form videos to market your business:

1.  Behind the scenes

Create a sense of connection with your customers by taking them behind the scenes: making a product, meeting with a client or a mini-tour of your offices.

2. Mini testimonials

Customers may be more willing to appear in a very brief video clip than something longer that feels like a commercial. Keep it simple: ask them to provide just one word that exemplifies the business. (Or make it a contest. Ask your customers to film their own “one-word” testimonials and pick the best.)

3. Sneak peeks

Getting ready to introduce a new product or service? Build excitement for the launch with sneak peeks of either the finished product or its creation.

4. Staff bios

Introduce your staff and add bio videos to your About or Team page. Get creative; what’s the one thing they should share about themselves in such a short clip?

5. Bloopers

If you’re already filming company events to post to an official YouTube channel, use Vine or Instagram for the “uncensored” oops moments.

6. How to

Show off a unique feature of a product you offer or give a quick tutorial. Yes, it can be done in such a short time frame, especially if you use…

7. Time lapse/stop motion

Take advantage of the apps’ functionality. Because each video can be shot 1 or 2 seconds at a time, this lends itself to using techniques like time lapse or stop motion. Although elapsed time is only 6 (or 15) seconds, you can compress more into that by combining several one- or two-second shots into a total mini-film.

At these brief lengths, you’re often aiming for more atmosphere than narrative, although you’d be surprised by some of the creative storytelling that brands and users are doing in such tiny bites. Just think how much is conveyed in TV commercials or radio spots which have historically run at 15 or 30 seconds.

Creating videos via a smartphone-friendly platform like Vine and Instagram is also smart mobile marketing; more than 9 in 10 mobile phone customers share mobile video content.

To learn more about Vine and Instagram marketing content, visit these resources:

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[Photo credit: Robin P, Flickr Creative Commons]

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