Don’t Call Them New Year’s Resolutions: Ideas to Plan By in 2013

Personal New Year’s resolutions are notorious for failing within a mere month or two into the new year, only to be recycled again the following January. We’re recycling our resolutions, too, but not because they don’t work — because they do. These are optimization steps to take every year, not just once.

This year we’ll be adding to them, not replacing them, based on the experience we’ve gained and the ever-changing digital landscape. So in addition to these resolutions, we’re adding a few more. Here are some resolutions that will help you make the most of your digital presence in 2013:


  • Use event tracking (if you’re using Google Analytics) to collect more granular data about what and where your users are clicking.
  • Claim your site in Webmaster Tools and connect it to your Analytics account for additional information on search queries and landing pages.


  • Review the keywords people are using most to find your site, what pages they are going to and which pages they are bouncing from; use this information to re-optimize your site.
  • Revisit your title tags and meta descriptions to ensure what your potential visitors see in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) is reflective of what they will find when they arrive on the page.
  • Ensure that your inbound links come from a variety of domains; multiple links from one highly trusted domain aren’t as valuable as links from several different domains.


  • Do a content audit: identify “dead weight” pages that aren’t being viewed & remove or repurpose them.
  • Create an editorial calendar for all of your digital environments (website, blogs, etc.).
  • Prepare for the content trends that will shape 2013.

Social media

  • Review your dashboards from the past year and look for what worked and what didn’t; revise your efforts accordingly.
  • Consider expanding onto additional platforms, like Pinterest, Tumblr or Instagram.


  • Create a segment or filter for visits with conversions; identify how these users’ behavior differs from those who don’t convert. Use this information to target them more effectively.

Don’t get left behind in 2013. Contact Innate today for help crafting the marketing strategy that will drive more leads and more sales to your organization in the year ahead.

[Photo credit: Sergey Melkonov, Flickr Creative Commons]

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