Innate Goes Global with International Launches

It’s been a whirlwind few weeks at Innate, punctuated by the launch of several high-profile international sites for Australia-based travel insurance company Cover-More. Over the past week, we’ve launched a total of four sites serving B2C markets in New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia.

Cover-More New Zealand: an immersive experience

Cover-More Travel Insurance New Zealand is a major milestone in our ongoing collaboration to rebrand and enhance the online B2C presence for Cover-More. The core of new site is a streamlined and intuitive quote process that makes it easy for users to select and purchase the best travel insurance product for their needs. (The site is pictured above.)

The site’s design and content frames the quote process in an immersive environment that serves up customized information
about the destinations where the user intends to travel.  (In addition to providing a compelling experience for the user, this vast library of content is also optimized to draw organic search traffic.)

Built in Innate’s content management system, ZeusCMS, the site integrates with Cover-More’s purchase process for a seamless user experience.

“We intended to create a site that’s not only highly usable, but that also pushes the boundaries of what you expect from an insurance site,” says Innate President Scott Adams, “We came up with an environment that both appeals to a traveler’s sense of adventure and presents Cover-More insurance as a valuable addition to your travel experience.”

Malaysia Airlines: an integrated approach

In addition to offering travel insurance in a B2C environment, Cover-More also partners with travel providers who want to make travel insurance available to their customers. That’s case with Malaysia Airlines. Innate worked with Cover-More to create an experience that integrates with the airline’s existing brand and website, while providing users with all the information they need in order to make a smart decision about travel insurance coverage.


Malaysia Airlines customers can get a quote on travel insurance before or after purchasing their tickets.  The travel insurance section on the site provides a fast and easy quote and purchase process, as well as comparisons of the available policies, and quick, scannable information about the benefits of travel insurance.

Customers who don’t initially choose to get travel insurance have a second chance after they purchase their airline tickets. An ad on the confirmation page provides a fast track to the quote process.

The travel insurance section is integrated into Malaysia Airlines’ Singapore, Australia, and Malaysia sites.

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