3 Content Trends Shaping Up for 2013

Hard to believe, but the year is winding down, and we’re starting to look toward all that 2013 has to offer.  To that end, I was interested in a discussion that emerged on LinkedIn’s Content Strategy group regarding content trends for the coming year. Following are 3 trends mentioned in the discussion that I predict will be the most interesting and significant for 2013.

Mobile content

This one is sort of a no-brainer. It’s no secret that mobile devices are literally changing the way we experience the online landscape. According to a recent Pew Internet study, more than 45% of Americans own a smartphone, 25% own a tablet, and the vast majority of those people access the Internet regularly—or even primarily—on their mobile devices. By now, many design-related mobile conventions have emerged, but not so with content. Next year people like yours truly will continue to grapple with how to best present content in a mobile context. (Personally, I’m preparing myself by reading Karen McGrane’s wonderful new book Content Strategy for Mobile.)

Content for responsive design

Separate but related to mobile content, this trend is an outgrowth of the increasing demand for “responsive” online environments; that is, sites/apps that adapt their display to the device on which they’re accessed. (So, for example, instead of having a separate mobile website, you’d have a single site that automatically displays differently on a laptop, a tablet, a smartphone, etc.)  Responsive design presents an enormous challenge for content strategists and producers. In fact, I’d argue that it requires you not only to write, prioritize, and optimize your content, but actually to “design” its individual components (headlines, subheads, meta content, product descriptions, long-form articles, etc.) with an extreme degree of precision and attention to detail. This is something I particularly look forward to tackling in 2013.

Visual content

With Pinterest really taking hold and becoming a legitimate force on social media during 2012, it was inevitable that companies and organizations would look for ways to use it to market products, extend brands, and gain a wider audience. Well-designed, eye-catching, and compelling infographics are becoming an increasingly potent way to get your message across online. Designers and content producers are going to have to hold hands and do some creative collaborating to create visual elements that aren’t only memorable, but sharable.

What do you think? What will you be working on content-wise during 2013?

Remember, no matter what challenges lie in store for you next year, Innate can help. Contact us and let’s talk content.
[Photo credit: jeffrey james pacres, Flickr Creative Commons]

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