5 Social Media Demographic Stats You Probably Didn’t Know

When it comes to choosing a social media platform to use for your business marketing, one of the considerations to make is its demographic profile. Does its audience match your target audience? After all, you want to spend your time & resources talking to your target audience, not a random group of folks on, say, Google+. It pays to take some time to investigate who is hanging out where in the social media landscape.

And even after you’ve done the initial research, be sure to review those demographics periodically because the numbers are always changing. Where you find your audience today may not be where it is tomorrow—and your target market may have changed, too. Here are five social media demographic statistics from the U.S. you should know now:

You can reach more women on Facebook than on Pinterest

Although Pinterest’s users are more disproportionately female, the total audience on Facebook is greater: 70% of all female online users, according to a recent Pew Internet & American Life Project report.

Older men love Google+

The user base of Google Plus is 71% male and half of them are over 45.

Most Instagram users are under 29

The photo sharing service is used by 27% of internet users aged 18-29, but only 8% of those who are 30-49.

More adults use LinkedIn than Twitter

Professional networking site LinkedIn has an audience of 20% of U.S. online adults; Twitter’s is 16%.

The majority of YouTube’s global audience is female

Out of a total audience base of 800 million (that’s a lot of people watching “Gangnam Style”), 55% are female.

These numbers are just a portion of the social media demographic data that’s available, of course. To really dig in for the information that’s most relevant to your business, try these sources:

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[Photo credit: Francisco Osorio, Flickr Creative Commons]

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