4 Easy Fixes Guaranteed to Help Customers Find You on Local Search

Local searches account for 20% of searches on computers and 40% of searches on smartphones, according to Google. And those numbers are projected to keep growing. If your business’ online presence isn’t optimized for local search, you are missing out on customers who are looking for you.

Luckily, it’s not that difficult to fix. You just need to post a few key pieces of information in the right places:

  • Your address
  • Business hours
  • Phone number
  • Website URL
  • Photos of your business

Innate’s clients have seen great results from optimizing for local search. A Zumba and yoga studio located in Sterling, VA, Fit Body ‘n Mind, made these changes and saw changes in their traffic within two months, including:

  • An increase in referral traffic from local sites including Yelp (100% increase) and MeetUp.com (164% increase),
  • An exponential increase in search traffic that did not include their name (from 9 to 200), and
  • An equally remarkable increase in search traffic that included their location “springfield, va” (from 5 to 114).

What these statistics tell us is, that prior to optimization, customers had to know they were looking for Zumba and Yoga Studio by name. Post-optimization, people who searched on “Zumba in Springfield VA” or “Yoga in Northern Virginia” we finding our client.  So, how do you get similar results?

Keep your address complete and consistent across all listings

Use the same address format – preferably your street address – everywhere you list your address, including your website. Don’t put 100 Main Street in some places and State and Main in others. The most important places to ensure your listings are correct:

Claim your profiles

*Note: If you don’t already have a Facebook page, seach to see if others have checked in and a place may have been created that you can claim. If you do have a page that you’ve created, customers should be all set to check in to your page. If you don’t find anything when you search, you can create a new page for your business.

Complete your profiles

  • Add or confirm your business hours.
  • Post pictures of your business (especially what it looks like from the street to help customers find it).
  • Include your local phone number (not only an 800 number).

Leverage your website

  • Ask for reviews on Yelp and provide a link to your newly optimized Yelp profile
  • Make it easy for site visitors to find your local phone number.
  • Include your business’ city and state in the title tag of your pages
  • Monitor your results in Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools, and check to see which websites and search terms are referring the most traffic to your site.

Remember, you don’t have to do it all in one day –spend an hour a week and complete one listing at a time. And you can use the same collateral (images, etc.) in each place. Once you have the information handy, it’s just a matter of posting it on your various listings.

Once you’ve completed these steps for local search, see what else you can do to make social media more effective for your business.

Need more extensive help? Innate provides an extensive list of services. We can create a customized social media strategy for your business.

[Photo credit: david, Flickr Creative Commons]

Lisa Crotty

Marketing Manager

Lisa is a Senior Optimization Specialist at Innate – her friends even teased that she A/B tested her name change. Lisa studied Philosophy of Science & Technology at Virginia Tech and is always asking why.

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