Innate Scores Another “A” for Accessible Design with

Today marks the launch of, a website with accessible design by Innate Agency for the American Foundation for the Blind and Reader’s Digest Partners for Sight. is devoted to providing much-needed resources, support, and information to adults adjusting to vision loss, as well as their families, caregivers, healthcare providers, and social service professionals.

To ensure that would have the broadest appeal to the widest audience, Innate worked with AFB and Partners for Sight to develop a fully accessible and intuitive environment for all users. Because is a member of AFB’s extensive family of sites, we leveraged many of the design elements used on our recent redesign of The consistency in design and navigation layout promotes a continuity of brand and user experience.

Given the extraordinary amount of valuable content on the site, Innate also guided AFB and Partners for Sight through a comprehensive content strategy and IA process, including several rounds of user testing. Our goal was to ensure that the site’s overall structure not only provided ease of navigation, but provided a curated experience to users who had little-to-no experience with the subject of vision loss. The new includes extensive cross-links, highlighted content, sidebars and other methods to help users discover additional helpful resources.

Innate is proud to continue to develop sites that are highly effective for all users, and prove that accessible design is not only attainable, but desirable.

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[Photo credit: Ralph Aichinger, Flickr Creative Commons]

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