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Cheers! Innate’s “Taste of Savings” iAd Debuts this Week

Innate is proud to announce the debut of our third iAd campaign for car insurance giant GEICO. To follow up on the success of our Wheel of Wisdom and Secret Savings Society iAds, we developed The Taste of Savings, a whimsical and lighthearted spin on the idea of “car insurance as delicious beverage.”

“The Taste of Savings” ties into the company’s new television/Internet ad campaign, in which people on-the-street are asked to take a Car Insurance Taste Test.

In the iAd, we expand on the taste test idea by inviting users to create their own Taste of Savings. Once they launch the GEICO iAd, users go through a four-step process to create their delicious blend. These engaging, game-like interfaces allow users to to collect the Value Berries, blend them up in the Sav-o-matic, fill up bottles of GEICO on an assembly line, and finally, create their own personalized label.

The iAd also provides a multitude of ways for users to further interact with GEICO — by watching the Taste Test ads, downloading ringtones and Taste of Savings wallpapers, or getting a quote at

“The success of our previous iAds set the bar very high,” says Matthew Snyder, Innate’s principal, “We worked hard to create an engaging and fun concept that embraces the interactivity available through the iAd platform. We couldn’t be happier with the results.”

The iAd began running earlier this week. You can see The Taste of Savings, and all other GEICO iAds in the App Store.

See all the past and future work Innate and GEICO have teamed up on in our client spotlight.

[Photo credit: Rory Finneren, Flickr Creative Commons]

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