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AARP Launches Interactive Tool Developed by Innate

Yesterday AARP launched the Health Law Guide, an interactive tool designed and developed by Innate in partnership with Avalere Health LLC. The Guide helps users understand how they will personally be impacted by the new health care law, the Affordable Care Act — both now and in the future.

To use the tool, users answer several questions about their personal situation (age, income, health insurance status, etc.). Based on the data, the survey provides the user with a personal report that he or she can view online, download, and print. The results page also includes a timeline that gives an overview of how your coverage will change year by year as the law is implemented.

Avalere Health, which prepared all of the content and source data for the Guide, chose Innate to design and develop the interactive tool. The result of the collaboration is a hugely useful tool for people who are wondering how exactly the new health care law will affect them personally.

“The real challenge to this project was giving people an easy way to consume and understand a great deal of complex information,” says Matthew Snyder, Innate’s creative director. “We developed a very straightforward and intuitive user interface with a welcoming look-and-feel to ensure that people would feel confident and comfortable using the tool and understanding their personal reports.”

We are pleased to help Avalere and the AARP answer the needs of millions of individuals who are seeking understand the personal impact of the ACA.

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[Photo credit: Keoni Cabral, Flickr Creative Commons]

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