The Facebook for Business Starter Kit: 7 Things You Need to Know

As Facebook continues to seemingly integrate itself into the very fabric of the internet, it has become an indispensable part of any business’s social media strategy.

And with Facebook’s recent announcement of Business Boost, a program to give free ads to small businesses, the time has never been better for small businesses to try Facebook for Business.

If you’re growing your company’s Facebook presence — or even if you’re late to the party—here’s the Innate 7-part starter kit with everything you need to know about the Zuckerberg Empire.

The Facebook for Business Starter Kit

Facebook Pages

The central hub of your business presence: if you don’t have one, create one; if you have one, stay on top of continuing changes.

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Facebook Privacy Settings

Also in regular flux, they are important to monitor both for individual profiles and for business pages.

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Facebook Places

Facebook’s entry into the location-based social media space, Places have also caused a lot of confusion for businesses that found themselves with two different listings on Facebook, their Page and their Place.

Facebook Groups

If your business used a Group instead of a Page in the past, be aware of the difference between them and why you should move to Pages (if you haven’t already).

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Facebook Community Pages

Another potential source of confusion for businesses, Community Pages are Facebook’s auto-generated Pages for organizations and businesses. Here’s what to watch out for.

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Facebook Ads

Boost traffic to your Facebook Page and increase your fan base by promoting it with a targeted Facebook ad campaign.

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Finally, once you’re up and running with your Page, be sure to monitor the Insights analytics to see how your fans are engaging with you.

And one more thing:

Log in to Facebook, click the little arrow next to Home in the upper right hand corner and choose “Use Facebook as Page.” Then pick your business page. This allows you to post comments, update your Page’s status and click Like on other Pages as your business, not as yourself. Then head over to the Facebook Digital Marketing group page and become a fan to stay on top of the latest developments.

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