What We’re Reading – September 30

The government online

According to a recent study, the government now reaches 40% of Americans online. NIH ranks first and the IRS and NASA also maintained their growth from the prior year. And with our first earthquake in 100 years in Washington DC, I have a feeling that the US Geological Survey (USGS.gov) might see a spike next year.

New privacy regulations for kids

The FTC is proposing new regulations for privacy around children to addressing emerging technologies including social media and mobile such as sharing information to get premium access and sharing photos.

Twitter Analytics

Twitter promises an analytics tool is coming soon – that’s the reason behind the integrated photos, link shortener, etc. We assume the analytics will be available to advertisers first and then rolled out to everyone else.

Who knows about what

Klout has added topic pages so it just got easier to find influencers on a particular topic – at least according to their measurements. I’m still not sold that they’ve got the algorithm down since I’m considered influential about hunting. (I think they mean “job hunting” since I used to be a recruiter and people still ask me for advice.) But at least it gives you a starting point.

Lisa Crotty

Marketing Manager

Lisa is a Senior Optimization Specialist at Innate – her friends even teased that she A/B tested her name change. Lisa studied Philosophy of Science & Technology at Virginia Tech and is always asking why.

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