Who’s Scanning Your QR Codes?

It may sound like a modern version of “Clue,” but recently-released data from research firm comScore tracking the usage of QR codes demonstrates who’s scanning your QR codes and why it’s important to understand how codes are used.

Rapidly proliferating in usage, there are seemingly as many ways to use QR codes as there are demographic slices using them.

Knowing who your audience is—or who you want it to be—is the first step. Once you nail down your target demographics, you can figure out the best ways to use QR codes in your mobile strategy.

Here are highlights from the comScore MobiLens report, collected in June 2011, and what the information can mean to you.

They are predominately male.

Men out-scan women nearly 2 to 1: 60.5% vs. 39.5%. If your audience skews toward men, strongly consider QR as part of your mobile strategy. But keep an eye on the numbers; this demographic skew may change over time.

They’re younger.

The two biggest age segments of QR scanners were 25-34 (36.8%) and 35-44 (19.6%). If that’s your audience sweet spot, a QR code campaign may be successful for you. If your audience is older, you might still consider testing with QR; another 12.4% of users are 45-54.

They’re high income.

The largest segment (36.1%) reported household income over $100,000—twice as many as reported income of $75,000 to just under $100K (18.6%).

They’re interacting with QR codes in print.

Out of the 7 ways in which users interacted with QR codes, nearly half scanned them from a printed magazine or newspaper (49.4%). Of the remaining 6, 4 were print or a physical location (storefront). Just two were digital: websites (27.4%) and TV (11.7%). If your marketing campaigns include traditional print channels, look to QR codes to also access mobile users.

Another good source of data on QR code usage is ScanLife’s trend reports; Q2 was just released. Among the interesting tidbits: scan frequency has gone from 10 scans/minute in Q2 2010 to 60 scans/minute in Q2 2011.

Keep this information in mind as you plan your company’s next marketing campaign; QR codes just might be the right method to add to the mix.

Who’s scanning your QR codes? It’s your turn:

  • Have you incorporated QR codes into your mobile marketing efforts?
  • Have you ever scanned a QR code? What was it for—and why did you scan it?

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