What We’re Reading – August 5

Searching for a deal

Having trouble sifting through all those deals? Finding a local deal might get a little easier – Google just bought The Dealmap. I think that might be really handy as a mash-up with their new Hotel Finder.

Charging for check-ins

Foursquare may soon start charging merchants promoting specials and deals on the social location-based service. No word yet on pricing structure, etc.

When do you believe?

Scientists at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute say that a tipping point is reached when only 10% of the population holds an “unshakable belief.” Of course, as the article points out, few issues offer only two mutually exclusive options so it may not work as well in the real world. And as we’re learning from Twitter, it may depend on who that 10% is.

Out with the old, in with the new

Speaking of Twitter, in case you were clinging to the old version on Twitter on the web and in with new Twitter. As of Thursday, it’s no longer available. There’s also a new iPad version of the Twitter client available written in HTML 5.

Lisa Crotty

Marketing Manager

Lisa is a Senior Optimization Specialist at Innate – her friends even teased that she A/B tested her name change. Lisa studied Philosophy of Science & Technology at Virginia Tech and is always asking why.

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