What We’re Reading – July 8

See your friends! (not really)

Facebook now offers video chat, though as one commenter said on Twitter, I’m friends with people on Facebook so I don’t have to see them.” See the new video chat demonstrated by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg

Twitter town hall

President Obama held a town hall meeting on Twitter to address concerns and answer questions.

Kids predict the future of the Internet

Scientists ask kids to draw what they would like the Internet or their computers to do, resulting in the cutest study ever.

Google Plus for business

Hearing a lot about the new Google + and wondering how to best use it for your business? Well, Google is asking that businesses stay away for now – while it’s in beta they are focusing on the consumer experience and are building out a separate experience for businesses.

Google Profiles going public

While you’re waiting for Google + for business, you can review the information in your Google Profile to ensure that you don’t mind sharing the information in there – all profiles are going public on July 31.

Lisa Crotty

Marketing Manager

Lisa is a Senior Optimization Specialist at Innate – her friends even teased that she A/B tested her name change. Lisa studied Philosophy of Science & Technology at Virginia Tech and is always asking why.

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