A New Year’s Resolution for Web Professionals

I know, I know. “New Year’s resolutions? Before Thanksgiving? What gives?”

Well, I contend that if CVS can put up Christmas decorations before Halloween, I can give you some New Year’s resolutions now.

In fact, the idea for this post occurred to me when I started prepping for our annual site reviews—both for Innate itself and for our clients. At first, I’d planned to provide guidelines for analytics and what you should look at in order to measure success.

But then I realized that I might be getting ahead of myself. After all, before you’re going to measure progress, you need to give yourself benchmarks for improvement. So, instead of giving you advice on how to look back at 2010, I want to give you a plan for moving forward in 2011.

Here are several action items to put on your calendar for 2011. You’ve probably already accomplished some of them. Prioritize the rest, and plan accordingly for next year:


  • Make sure all of your site’s pages are properly tagged and gathering data.
  • Identify and create user segments to analyze how different groups of visitors interact with the site.
  • Look at your on-site search to see what users are searching for and what content should be added.
  • Enable goal-tracking and assign value to pages that generate ROI.


  • Run a site crawl on a regular basis to find pages that are missing title tags, or have duplicate or missing meta tags.
  • Regularly re-optimize pages consistently drive traffic.
  • Research keywords to identify content that should be added to the site.
  • Plan for appropriate link-building campaigns in 2011.


  • Review your key transactional pages to ensure that copy is clear.
  • Strengthen the wording on all calls to action (and be sure to test the results)
  • Ensure that all of your existing and new content is written in a consistent voice.
  • Develop an editorial calendar for your company blog.
  • Ask your customer service team about what they’re hearing from customers. Create online content to proactively answer customer questions and address problems.

Social Media

  • Articulate your social media strategy. Understand why you use social media and what you want to gain from it.
  • Track your results.
  • Analyze your content on social media channels to ensure you have a proper balance of news, engagement and response.


  • Make sure all of your inbound marketing efforts drive users to landing pages or other conversion environments.
  • Regularly test your landing pages to optimize conversion rates.
  • Identify any pages on your site that are underperforming. Identify those that are exceeding your conversion rate goals.

Your Turn

We want to hear from you. Our list is just a start. What do you plan to do to improve your site next year?

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