3 Ways to Go Mobile

With the advent of the iPhone 4, everyone’s even more a-Twitter (pun intended) than usual about jumping on the mobile bandwagon. Unless, of course, actually want to phone someone. Har har! I kid, Steve Jobs, I kid!

But seriously, mobile really is a new frontier for most businesses and it offers tremendous opportunities to serve your customers better and in turn, increase your customer conversion rates. Here are a few ways to think about using mobile to your advantage:

Make sure there’s an app for that.

Is there a way that you can make your users’ lives easier, better, or more fun on-the-go? Think about how people might want to interact with your company and build an app that lets them do that. We recently worked with an insurance client on creating a “mobile quote” app, so that people could get a car insurance quote right from the dealership (or anywhere else.)

Sponsor an app.

You don’t need to re-invent the wheel when it comes to app creation. Odds are, there’s already an app that would be useful to your customers. Instead of reinventing the wheel, consider becoming a licensed sponsor of the app in question. Even better, sponsor the update of an existing app. Users will associate your company with the new and improved gadget.

Get your site mobile-ready.

I admit it, I saved the best recommendation for last. Sure, apps hog all of the buzz, but recent studies indicate that most people still use mobile Web far more frequently than they download apps. So the best and most important step you can take to maximize the potential of mobile is this: Make sure you have a mobile-friendly version of your site!!! If you haven’t investigated this yet, I strongly suggest you start. (And yes, we’d be happy to talk to you about solutions!) Your users are already riding the mobile train. Better to hop on board now, before it passes you by.

What are you doing to capitalize on the mobile revolution?

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