The Power of Less: 3 Reasons to Declutter Your Website

This week, I’ve been doing some competitive research for a project, part of which involves looking at and reading a whole lot of websites. And you know what I’m finding? Most websites just have too much darned content. I’ve beaten this drum before, but it’s worth stating again: too much content will kill your site. Here are three reasons that you should strive for less content.

1. People don’t care about you.

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling or who you’re serving. The people who come to your website just don’t care about you. They care about themselves. They want to find what they’re looking for quickly and make a fast decision about whether you can help them. Keeping your site as lean as possible will help ensure that all of the most important information is right at the user’s fingertips (or mouse clicks).

2. They’ve heard it all before.

About halfway through my evaluation of competitors’ websites for this particular project, I realized that you could—almost without exception—cut and paste the content from any one site to another, and it would make NO DIFFERENCE. Every single company made the same promises, offered the same benefits, and touted similar expertise. There’s no need to regurgitate empty corporate promises for the sake of it. Say what you do. Prove you do it well. Tell the user what to do (buy something, contact you, sign up for an email, etc.). Get rid of everything else.

3. Less content is much easier to manage.

How many pages are there on your website? I’m willing to bet you can’t answer that with any level of certainty. And could you swear on a sacred text that all of that nebulous content is completely up-to-date and accurate? Think of how much easier your life would be if you got rid of all of those musty, dusty pages that nobody reads anyway? Check your site stats and find out which pages users AREN’T visiting. Odds are, you could jettison quite a few of them without hurting your site at all. In fact, you’ll probably make it better.

When’s the last time you de-cluttered your website?

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