What We’re Reading – March 19

Live Blogging & Content Marketing

While these tips about live blogging and creating updates from conferences were created specifically for SXSW, they are good reminders when creating updates from any conference.

Lady Gaga School of Marketing

Church of the Customer tells us what Lady Gaga can teach us about marketing and building customer loyalty (and they’re right).

Now What?

Once you have their attention, what do you want them to do? Don’t neglect your call to action on your site, in your ads, in everything you create.

Matt Cutts – The Illustrated Guide

SEO Moz offers an illustrated guide to the latest interview with Google’s Matt Cutts on Crawling & Indexation.

Did I Ask For Your Opinion?

From Seth Godin, a worthwhile reminder about giving constructive feedback on ideas.

No Losers Allowed

Search Engine Watch provides tools and tips to optimize your paid search and remove the losers.

Lisa Crotty

Marketing Manager

Lisa is a Senior Optimization Specialist at Innate – her friends even teased that she A/B tested her name change. Lisa studied Philosophy of Science & Technology at Virginia Tech and is always asking why.

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