Mamma Mia: Are Mom Bloggers Selling Out?

I came across a great post from Katie Allison Granju, whose Home/Work blog runs on Ms. Granju is one of the legions of “mombloggers” (ick, I hate that term) who—in the midst of documenting the trials and tribulations of modern motherhood—have become a force-to-be-reckoned-with for online marketers.

This particular post poses the question of whether momloggers have damaged their credibility by mortgaging too much of their online real estate to marketers in exchange for lavish freebies. Let’s not mince words. Granju is asking whether the moms are selling out. (And so is the Federal Trade Commission.)

She has an interesting take on the question:

“. . . I do think that a lot of momblogs have become nothing more than an exploding collection of sponsored product reviews, making the blogs dull and less-than-credible. . . . What’s odd to me is that marketers don’t seem to recognize this credibility gap in deciding who qualifies as a true influencer among the mombloggers.”

This is a great point, and one that CDG tries to drive home to each and every one of our clients. The more you use social media outlets to shill your products and trumpet your services, the less credible you become. People are savvy. They’ll see right through your marketing speak and start to view anything you say with a jaundiced eye.

To paraphrase good moms everywhere, “If you can’t say something authentic, don’t say it at all.”

What are your rules for “keeping it real” in social media?

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