What the Schrute? A Social Media Coup!

With a wink, a nudge, and a sweet product placement, Orbit Baby garnered some primo visibility last week. As anyone who tuned into NBC’s The Office knows, the Orbit Infant Travel System deserves an Emmy for its supporting role in the Baby Shower episode. And at our office, we are taking our hats off to Orbit’s PR team. These folks know how to play the social media game.

It started with the way the product was presented in the episode. The stroller—excuse me, Travel System—became a subplot in and of itself. Dwight Schrute, was aghast at the notion that a stroller could cost $1,200 (more than his bomb shelter.) “At that price, it should be indestructible!” he marvels. And he spends the rest of the show trying to destroy it (throwing it against a chain link fence, hurling it off a pile of old tires, etc.) Guess what—it holds up to the torture.

Right off the bat, you’re getting  a few messages:

  • Orbits are quality—practically indestructible
  • They’re cool by Hollywood association (take THAT, Bugaboo)
  • The company has a sense of humor

After the episode, Orbit was smart enough to publicize its star turn online. Visit the company’s website now, and you’re greeted with a great big link to watch the entire episode (embedded in the Orbit website), as well as a video about how the stroller is made.  Also, Orbit’s PR company, CLPR, blogged about the show, posting a many a link back to the Orbit site.

And of course, Orbit got some choice mentions in the blogosphere, including Babble’s Droolicious. (Pssst . . . check out the first comment. Sounds like a thank you from an Orbit insider, if you ask me)

But here’s where the real genius comes in. If you visit the Orbit homepage, you’ll find out that the stroller (Travel System!!!) is NOT $1,200—it’s only $900. Yes—they made a  $900 stroller actually seem like a bargain. Check and mate.

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