Innate Unveils the New CQ Corporate Site

has film. Paris has fashion. Washington, DC? We’ve got Government. From
policy professionals, to Hill staffers, to actual members of Congress—there’s a
large, hungry population inside the Beltway and beyond that feed on all things
political and governmental. And they all rely on Congressional Quarterly (CQ).

A leader in non-partisan political journalism since 1945, CQ is also the
source of an extensive network of products and services geared specifically for
political and policy professionals. These sophisticated tools make it easy to
track legislation, monitor committee markups, follow key bills and issues, and
more. In other words, CQ helps the people who keep wheels of government turning
to do their jobs better.

So when CQ approached CDG Interactive with the challenge of revamping its
corporate website, we were excited. Fresh off the successful launch of, we were eager to collaborate
with CQ once again.

First, a rundown of the challenges:

  • Highlighting CQ’s full network of products
  • Revealing CQ as an indispensable resources for political and policy professionals
  • Making advertisers aware of CQ’s extensive reach
  • Giving current subscribers (who were familiar with the old interface) an easy way to access their accounts

Immediately, we knew we had to make the whole site a showcase for CQ. To combat a common misunderstanding that CQ offers only print publications, we positioned the site around the concept of the “CQ Network”— an exclusive collection of online, mobile, video, and print resources, as well as in-person events.

To direct the right people to the right content, the site presents all of
these offerings in several different ways, including a product gallery, a “CQ Network” overview and a feature
on the homepage.

Recognizing that its audience includes a substantial amount of staffers who are new to Captiol Hill, CQ also enhanced its content with a “Congress 101” area, providing essential information about legislative processes and procedures.

The site also includes extensive information for advertisers, sign-up
forms for free resources and product trials, and a wealth of information about
CQ and its history.

The result? A clean site that successfully reflects the dynamic, sophisticated, indispensable resources that CQ is today.

As CQ President and Editor-in-Chief Robert W. Merry said, “One of our greatest challenges is conveying the depth, complexity, and reach of the products we offer. CDG Interactive succeeded in designing a perfect showcase for everything CQ has to offer to political and policy professionals, and to the advertisers
who want to reach them.”

for yourself:

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