IHR Presentation – Web 2.0

You’ve read a couple of blogs. You’ve watched a YouTube video or two. Maybe you’ve even posted a few photos to Flickr. But how can you apply these tools to your business? How can you tap into the energy of web users and make it work for you?

Greetings, and welcome to the wonderful world of Web 2.0. I’m Matthew Snyder, creative director at CDG, and I’m excited to have the oppotunity to introduce you to the power of collaborative communication on the Web.

Hopefully, I’ve had (or will have) the opportunity to present this to you in person, but this PowerPoint will give you the raw materials to start engaging in the sphere of social media. This presentation is geared specifically to the hospitality industry, but the basic tenets apply to any business. So have a look. And if you have questions, send me a shout.

Download Web2_0_CDG_Interactive.ppt

Presentation Links:
Yahoo Podcasts
You Tube
Yahoo Travel
Barack Obama
Adagio Tea Company
My Space
Flyer Talk
Chow Hound

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