Quiz: What’s Your Travel Personality?

The thought of lying on a beach in Maui over vacation may make your skin crawl (scratchy sand!) and skin boil (stifling sun rays!) but it might be your best friend’s favorite vacation activity. Your dream anniversary trip could be a romantic trip to Italy to look at art and dine on local pasta, while your spouse envisions the two of you in an isolated cabin in Oregon splitting a can of Chef-Boyardee for dinner if fresh fish isn’t available. No matter how beautiful or popular a destination is, it may not be the right place for you depending on what type of traveler you are. Take this quiz below to find your travel personality and pass it along to your friends to see if they can keep up (or rest up) with you while you’re on vacation. We’ll also recommend a hotel client whose property you should vacation at.

1. Your favorite summer drink is:

  1. Mojitos that you drink while dancing at a salsa club (2 points)
  2. Fresh lemonade made with lemons from your backyard and sweetened with honey from the bee colony you maintain (4 points)
  3. Honeydew-flavored bubble tea or mango-strawberry smoothies (1 point)
  4. Gatorade because between airplane rides, sports leagues and trips to the beach, you’re often feeling dehydrated (3 points)

2. If you’re trying to lose a few pounds you would:

  1. Tear up your subway pass and bike, walk or roller-blade around town (2 points)
  2. Go on a raw-foods diet and crank up the juicing machine in order to have fresh-carrot juice for breakfast (4 points)
  3. Book a two-week excursion to a spa and have a food and exercise plan custom made for you (1 point)
  4. Sign up for a course on macrobiotic living and buy a big bag of brown rice ( 3 points)

3. For a potluck party, you’d bring:

  1. Fruit, date and nut bars made from a concoction of items you picked up on your weekend hiking trip (4  points)
  2. The best baklava in town, sold at a specialty Greek Deli where you have a standard corner table (2 points)
  3. A date who would stand in line for you and prepare your plate at the party ( 1 point)
  4. Homemade sushi featuring five different types of raw fish (3 points)

4. On a trip away from home, you’d feel completely lost without:

  1. A sundry kit containing three types of moisturizer, toner and seasonally rotating perfume ( 1  point )
  2. Teva sports sandals (4 points)
  3. A compass ( 3  points)
  4. VIP passes to the best nightclub in town ( 2 points)

5. To unwind after a long day at work you:

  1. Hang out in the garage putting the finishing touches on the boat you’re building
    (4 points)
  2. Attend a fundraiser for the latest gallery opening in your area (2 points)
  3. Go to the park and strike up a two-hour conversation with whoever sits next to you on the park bench (3 points)
  4. Go home, order take-out gourmet food and watch DVDs from your canopy bed(1 point)

Tally up your score and find out if you’re a ;

Pampered Prince(ss) – (0-7 points) : Your dream vacationing involves dreaming, sleeping and lounging. Go to Hotel Maison de Ville and the Audubon Cottages in New Orleans where you’ll be served breakfast in bed and during the days you can sit by the pool or go to the Botanical Garden for Twilight Concerts. Or, if your partner is also pampered, the two of you should book the Suite Chicago Package at Chicago Hotel and Suites and you’ll enjoy a one-bedroom suite with a separate parlor room, champagne, strawberries and room service for two

City Conqueror – (8- 12 points): Everything you want can be found in urban areas and you enjoy exploring small shops and having peace of mind by knowing you can get what ever you need at top restaurants or stores. Book the Spring Break Tulip Excursion Package at Chicago Hotel and Suites and walk along Magnificent Mile, which will be decorated with hundreds of flowers. Or go to the Hilton Washington Embassy Row and stay in the midst of Dupont Circle. Come Memorial Day Weekend, when loads of concerts and activities will be taking place, along with the opening of the Hilton’s rooftop pool.

Up for Anything Explorer – ( 13 -16 points) : An easy-going adventurer, you’re an ideal trip companion and since you’re open to new things, you take advantage of hotel specials. Visit Quartz Mountain Resort for the weekend for Prime Time Buffet night at Sundance Cafe and attend an Oklahoma centennial celebration or town-wide flea market. Or visit the Churchill Hotel in Washington, D.C. and be part of the city’s excitement and book a Memorial Day or Fourth of July Package.

Outdoor Adventurer – (17- 20 points):
You like exploring and braving the elements as long as you’re not cooped up inside during your trip. A dream vacation for you might be at Quartz Mountain Resort where the woodsy architecture is in tune with nature. Recreational activities include mountain climbing, horseback riding and animal tracking classes. Or, though a vacation in the middle of the Washington, D.C. might seem like an odd choice, you can vacation at the Hilton Washington Embassy Row and take a monuments tour by foot, explore the U.S. Botanical Gardens or go to the National Mall and play soccer, baseball and Frisbee.

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