Social and Anti-Social Media Tips for Hotels

Today I had an article published in Hospitality Net called “Five Ways Hotel Staff Members Can Improve Their Hotel’s Online Presence,” which lists easy, low-cost ways that those in the hospitality industry can use the Internet to gain publicity and business.  (If you’re in D.C. attend Lisa and Carly’s HSMAI DC Travel 2.0 presentation tonight for even more insight.) Even if you’re not in that industry, read the article for inspiration on how to use blogs and photo-sharing sites to attract attention to your business.

While brainstorming on what to put in the article, I came up with some tips that probably would draw attention to hotel properties, but not the kind they would want. Here are the

Top Ten Ways Hotel Staff Members Shouldn’t Use the Internet:

1. The maid can make a lens in which she lists the weirdest things ever
found in hotel rooms.

2. On, set up a store devoted to selling jewelry lost at the hotel.

3. Submit a “How-to” article to called “How to Sneak Out of A Hotel Room Without Paying.”

4. Suggest the bartender go the singles pages and write want ads for lonely customers.

5. Have the bellman start a photo pool that features pictures of notable politicians who have stayed at the hotel with their mistresses.

6. Create a group called “Short-Sheeters Unite” in which staff members share stories of pranks they have played on guests.

7. “Signs You Should Hit the Ground Running” is a site the wedding coordinator can start in which she list examples of couples she’s encountered who haven’t made it.

8. Have the general manager make postings in which he tells college students that the hotel is the perfect place to go wild at during spring break.

9. “Guess the Origin of this Stain!” is the name of an email blast campaign your hotel can sponsor in which recipients comment on pictures of sullied comforters and carpets.

10. Go on and create fake profiles in the names of celebrities that recommend a stay at your hotel.

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