The Magic of Moo

Moo is huge.  Moo is fun.  Moo is more interesting than the Moo crew ever imagined.

What’s Moo?  It’s all Greek to you?

Moo, is a company that prints 1/2 sized business cards as personal calling cards.  The gimmick is that you can pull pictures from your Flickr account and crop them to size in the Moo interface and then type a personal message on the back.  Moo called them “calling cards,” but like so many user-generated content ideas — the users had ideas of their own.

Yes, many people just make their own little calling cards, but have you ever coveted someone’s calling card?  There are now groups on Flickr dedciated to showing off your new Moo cards and groups where you can swap cards with other peopleArtists are using them as calling cards and in works of art.

The greatest uses I’ve seen so far is a Moo scavenger hunt and a psychic Valentine.  For the scavenger hunt, a DC Moo-ite has left his little cards on the escalators of Metro stations around the city.  Needless to say, I’ll be on the hunt!

How do you Moo?


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