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I read a lot of blogs, so I make liberal use of RSS feeds.  I just don’t have time to surf from blog to blog. RSS is a lifesaver in that respect.  It makes all of them come to me — brilliant!  Now RSS is nothing new, but innovations in RSS readers are always newsworthy.

I’ve used quite a few RSS readers, both free and paid.  Newsgator had me for quite a while, but eventually I found it tiresome.  I bounced around a couple of Web-based readers and then Google released its Reader (GR).  The first version wasn’t all that great, but it was better than most of what was out there so I gave it a try.  One of my priorities is the ability to quickly skim 100-200 posts each day and only pause when it’s really worthwhile. GR did a decent job at this, but could stand a little improvement.

Imagine my surprise a couple of days ago when I logged in and saw an whole new Google Reader.  LIke any upgrade it threw me for a bit.  Things weren’t where I expected them to be, but it only took about 15 minutes to figure out the new tricks and I was off. The new version is built for power-readers!  I can FLY through headlines and stop to browse if I want to.  I still love the ability to star and share things I find interesting without any major effort.  I especially like that they have separated the “star” and “share.”  This allows me to mark things for myself and not share them with you.  It’s good to keep a little mystery.

Matt Cutts of did a great review of the features and functions of Google Reader on his site.  Give it a read or go to and play around for yourself!  A Google account is required, but at this point you just need to give in and get one.  They’re free after all!

I’m looking forward to seeing this application continue to improve and become the best RSS reader on the market.  What do you think?


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