Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer does not seem to like CSS very much.  In theory the WYSIWYG experience should make blogging just that much easier.  Not that I find it super hard now — but — it should get easier.  Well I have to say that this um….sucks.  The design is all whacked out and it’s actually harder to see what I’m doing.


Wait.  Wait.  Belay that order…..


I should play before I type.  So the WYSIWIG view bites, but the live preview is pretty hot and the plain text entry version works just dandy.  hmm…I’m going to click a few more buttons.  Amuse yourselfs for a second…


[hold music here]


I clicked a few more buttons, and nothing too exciting.  I think the map feature could be cool, but I’m not grooving on it yet.  I was trying to find more things to dog on, but they even include the categories.   There’s no built in Technorati tagging, but I’m sure someone will build a plugin to handle that.


Hmm….looks like they’ve included all the basic features.  Now I just need to figure out why this is better than just using the blog systems’ editing systems.



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