Let’s Talk about Affiliate Marketing

My coverage of the How to Grow a Profitable Affiliate Channel at Ad:Tech Chicago seems to have rather upset Affiliate Marketers. My main issue was with the content of the session not matching what the conference scheduled billed it as being, but in addition the panelists did say many things that just left me really confused and bewildered. Based on what a blogger who covered this session at a previous Ad:Tech said, I went back and read his review — and that was the kind of thing I wanted to hear! In San Francisco the panelists discussed all kinds of interesting techniques around affiliate marketing.

I’m going to continue to say, “listen to the podcast.” It’s not been released by Ad:Tech yet, but when it is — go listen for yourselves.

In the meantime, I’m really interested in opening a dialogue on Affiliate Marketing. I admit, this is not something I’ve ever worked into a strategy and I’m really curious about how and why I would want to do it. Anyone in that industry want to come here and talk to me? I’d also like to continue the discussion about Google. Search marketing is a huge part of what I do, and I’d like to better understand the concerns of the Affiliate Marketing industry when it comes to Google and the other major search engines. Most of what they are concerned about, I’m actually happy about. I want ads to link to relevant content. I want Google to filter out spam blogs. I like this both as a Google user and advertiser.

So, come talk to me. Let’s share a little information and learn more about each other’s perspectives. I think we can learn from what each other does and both be more successful in the end.

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