New Document Format

So I’ve discovered the secret to the big changes in Microsoft Word 2007 — there’s a new format. Native 2007 documents aren’t .doc they are .docx. There’s a lot of great functionality in this new format — but of course anyone not on Office 2007 won’t be able to open the document.

It’s actually pretty gutsy of Microsoft. There will those that complain, but a common complaint is that Microsoft never moves forward because they allow so much backwards compatibility. Well – now they’ve taken the leap. I think Acrobat PDFs will become even more important in the future, because I’m not about to lose the great charting features that new .docx gives because someone can’t open the document. Wow, I’m saying nice things about Microsoft again — did a pig that just fly by?

Actually, Scott better watch out — because I’m not giving up .docx. I hope he’s ready to upgrade when the beta expires! (*waves* hi to the boss-man!)

Being excited about charts and graphs may not seem normal to you — but if you had my job — you’d understand. I’ll give more detail on the new features later. We’re so busy right now that squeezing in time to post anything is amazing! I guess I shouldn’t complain about having lots of work — it’s certainly a lot better than the alternative.

Oh and a happy 4th of July to everyone!

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